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Sterilization Center

Sterilization Centers

First of all, why can’t we just call it a sterilization area?  Did the big companies emphasize the word “center” and add colorful lightbulbs in order to justify the crazy prices they charge for these unnecessarily decorative pieces of cabinetry that no patient should see anyways? 

How to Save Money On Your Sterilization Area

We’ve all heard “you want your sterilization center to be centrally located and look really great so patients can see how fantastic your sterilization procedures are.” I don’t know about you, but when you run a practice that is actually doing a lot of dentistry, the sterilization area is not a place any patients needs to see. Also in this day and age, if your patient doesn’t already trust that your sterilization practices are compliant with the highest standards maybe this is a sign the image you portray at other touch points is inadequate. While equipment reps look at the sterilization area as a great opportunity to make a bunch of money on us (I recently saw a bid for an $85,000 sterilization center…WHAT!…I can equip an entire office for that price) I look at it as the ideal area to be very efficient and save a ton of money while compromising nothing.

So what are some tactical ways to achieve this? Watch this quick video below to find out!