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Pro Tip: ***Find an IT specialist that will allow you to provide your own equipment, you may buy a few things through them like your server, and pay them an hourly rate to setup your network, workstations, router, printer, firewall etc… (they charge you for their time, if they have to setup each workstation individually it could take a while. To save money on workstation setups as them if they can setup 1 workstation with all of your software (i.e. X-ray software, Open Dental, Flex, Chrome etc.) clone the hard drive and use that to duplicate the setup on all the other workstations. Remember you will need an IT professional for ongoing monthly support – there is a company in DSN now providing this -for network security, HIPAA compliance, updates & maintenance, antivirus, remote backup

Cabling / IT closet

If you choose to do your own data cabling it’s not that hard and could save you a few thousand dollars, you can also talk to your electrician about helping with this or any IT friends or college kids. YouTube university has a ton of videos so you could figure it out from YouTube. We may make a video in the future to break it down.

  • Plan out your drops, plan extra drops than you think you’ll need
  • Follow your IT floor plan specs
  • Need to make sure your contractor has large enough conduit shoots to run your HDMI cables through, share your operatory plans with them ahead of time so they can help make your life easier


Unless you have a lot of IT experience I would go with recommendations from your IT specialist here, this is obviously the most important piece of equipment in the IT department – expect to spend $3,000-4,000 + setup – if it’s less than this I would almost question if the quality is good enough

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Professional Consulting Services

If you are planning a start-up dental practice and are in need of consulting services from
Doctors who are experienced in this space we are here to help.